Rental Payments are due on the first day of every month. Late charges will be assessed for payments received after the first of the month in accordance with your lease. Rental and all other miscellaneous payments should be mailed to:

Check made out to: TMG 1400 L Street, LLC
Lockbox Address: Lockbox #: 944364
TMG 1400 L Street, LLC
P.O. Box 944364
Cleveland, OH 44194-0011
Overnight to Lockbox: TMG 1400 L Street, LLC
Attn: Lockbox Wholesale Lockbox #944364
TMG 1400 L Street, LLC
4910 Tiedeman Road
Cleveland, OH 44144
Memo: Payment description
(ex: rent, security deposit, operating expenses, etc.)
By Wire:

Albany, New York
ABA #: 021300077
Credit To Acct No: 329681380708
Acct Name: TMG 1400 L Street, LLC FBO Acore Capital